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Top Picks | Appalachian Trail – Central Region

Hiking the Appalachian Trail | Central Region


The Appalachian National Scenic Trail is one of the country’s most famous hiking trails. The park covers 2,184 miles and passes through 14 states, starting in the north at Mount Katahdin, Maine and ending in Springer Mountain in Georgia. As this trail travels across the country visitors can enjoy views of some of the most scenic views in the region. The trail can be divided into three regions, the Northern region, which includes Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts and Connecticut. The Central region includes New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Maryland. The Southern region includes Virginia, West Virginia, Tennessee, North Carolina and Georgia.

The Central region of the Appalachian Trail provides visitors with a very different experience than the Northern region, but it also has plenty of wonderful destinations. From New York to Maryland, hikers along this trail can enjoy some of the most beautiful regions of Southern New England and the Mid-Atlantic. All along this region of the trail, travelers will travel through forests, mountains and more.

Hikers along the Appalachian Trail through New York will find that the terrain is easier than some of the terrain in the Northern region. Visitors will also find that the trail appears very secluded, even though it is situated close to many high population areas. While hiking travels can enjoy some flat areas as well as some steep and rocky areas. Another wonderful feature of the trail is the Harriman-Bear Mountain State Park, which is one of the most visited regions. In addition visitors can also explore the Trailside Museum, as well as the Zoo at Bear Mountain.

After hiking through New York travelers on the Appalachian Trail continue into New Jersey. This section of the trail travels along the Kittatinny Range, which offers some excellent remote and challenging terrain. The appalachian Trail in New Jersey crosses some bogs and wetlands, and within the diverse habitat visitors can enjoy plenty of bird and wildlife watching. While hiking in New Jersey travelers can explore the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area and visit Sunfish Pond.

Next the Appalachian Trail crosses into Pennsylvania. This state offers hikers some marvelous views and destinations. The terrain travels along the Alleghenies, to the Susquehanna River, and beyond all the way to the Blue Ridge. While hiking this trail visitors will experience some excellent, but challenging hiking, which includes plenty of rocky areas. This region also has some difficult climbing through gaps and across rocky ridges, however the Pennsylvania section of the trail also has one of the easiest sections of the trail as it crosses the Great Valley of the Appalachians and into the Blue Ridge.

The last state of the Central region is Maryland. Visitors hiking through this state will find that it is only forty-miles. The miles of this trail follows along South Mountain, from Pennsylvania to the Potomac River. This region of the Appalachian Trail offers travelers a relatively easy stretch of hiking. It is popular for hikers that want to prepare for more rugged sections of the terrain. Travelers will also find that there are plenty of points with convenient and easy access.

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