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Top Picks | Best 4th of July Fireworks

Top 10 Fourth of July Fireworks Shows


July 4th marks the Independence Day of the United States, and there are some fantastic fireworks displays to mark this occasion. If you are traveling this holiday, consider catching one of these fantastic shows. They are big, colorful, bright and a lot of fun, as well as patriotic on this important day in our history.



Addison, Texas

Known as Kaboom Town!, the Addison annual fireworks show is truly spectacular. Throughout the town there are places to stop and take in the show. Addison is located just outside of Dallas, and is a great option for fireworks enthusiasts in Texas.


Atlantic City, NJ

Atlantic City hosts the Atlantic City Firework Spectacular each year. This show is divided into two parts, held in two destinations. The first section is held over the Marina, and the second over the beach. Atlantic City’s show also gets crowded, so it is best to arrive early, but since it’s at the beach there are plenty of fun things to do while saving a spot.


Boston, MA

Boston is a patriotic destination for the Fourth of July without it’s fireworks display. Visitors to the city over the holiday will also be treated to this amazing show. It is held over the Charles River, and the riverbanks become crowded with watchers as they are some of the best vantage points in the city.


Lake Tahoe, CA and NV

Lake Tahoe is a wonderful vacation destination throughout the year. Those enjoying the recreation during the holiday can enjoy the amazing show. Held over the lake, this show is known for it’s special fireworks. Visitors can enjoy the show from the lakeside, or even on one of the Lake’s paddle wheelers.


Nashville, TN

This fantastic city hosts a great Fourth of July display. It offers one of the largest displays in the south. Visitors to this city will be delighted with many attractions, and over the Fourth of July visitors can watch the fun fireworks, which are accompanied by live music.


New Orleans, LA

New Orleans is known for its festive atmosphere throughout the year. The city does not disappoint on the Fourth of July. The fireworks show has two barges, known as the Dueling Barges and they compete to put on the most spectacular show. Visitors can enjoy the fun party before and after the show as well.


New York, NY

The annual show in New York is put on by Macy’s and is held over the Hudson River. This display has many viewers, but as it is over the river there are many spots that offer a fantastic vantage point. This show is filled with spectacular fireworks, although it lasts for only 30 minutes there are hundreds of fireworks to enjoy.


San Francisco, CA

San Francisco Bay offers a wonderful backdrop for the Fourth of July fireworks in the city. Visitors can enjoy all of the excitement of the pyrotechnics and can then continue with the evening enjoying all of the festivities. There are musical performances and much more. In addition visitors can take boat tours to Alcatraz and catch the show with San Francisco in the background.


Seattle, WA

The Seattle show is held over Elliot Bay and there are many fantastic spots to enjoy the view in this coastal city. Visitors to the city can also ride the ferry that travels between the city and Bainbridge Island to see the show with the city in the background. This is an especially exciting view, as the view includes the Space Needle and other regional fireworks displays.


Washington, DC

Visitors to the Capitol will be delighted with many celebrations throughout the Fourth of July holiday. The city is filed with historic attractions, museums and much more that make it one of the most patriotic destinations. The city also has one of amazing fireworks display, and one of the largest in the country. The display is done over the Lincoln Memorial and the Washington Monument.

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