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Top 10 Family Bike Rides in California


Spring and summer in California is a wonderful time to enjoy the outdoors. Biking is a great way to cover some distance, enjoy some recreation and see a lot of destinations. Here are ten of California’s best bike rides.

American River

Another long bike trail, this 32 miles trail is a wonderful bike path. Bicyclists will travel from Discovery Park in Sacramento to Folsom Lake. This trail has two lanes and is popular with all types of people seeking recreation. At the end of the road bikers can enjoy swimming at the lake and there are plenty of places to stop along the way as well.

Bayshore Bikeway

San Diego is a beautiful California city. Biking enthusiasts will love exploring the city on the Bayshore Bikeway, which travels a bit over 12 miles. Lined with palm trees, this bike ride travels along the bay and gives bicyclists the opportunity to explore a few towns and even some wildlife preserves.

Downieville Downhill

Located in the Sierra Buttes, this is a wonderful mountain biking trip. This is a challenging downhill course and has some exhilarating features, but it is still a good option for families that have some experience mountain biking. Along this trail bikers can see the the peaks of the Sierra Buttes, old-growth forest and much more.

Forest of Nisene Marks

This trail is located in the Forest of Nisene Marks State Park and it is a wonderful mountain biking trail. The terrain is fairly rugged, but is also a beautiful untouched area. While riding bikers can see the narrow canyons and ridges of the park.

Iron Horse Regional Trail

This bike ride is a little over 24 miles, so it is probably best for families with older kids or a little more experience biking. It travels between Concord and Dublin. Bikers that ride this route will enjoy plenty of scenery, as well as 12 cities along the route. Each of these cities has a little something to explore as a break from this trip.

Los Gatos Creek Trail

The Los Gatos Creek Trail connects the city of Los Gatos with San Jose. Just 8 and a half miles it is a nice leisurely ride for most bicyclists. In addition along the trail there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy the beautiful scenery and the creek as well.

Mammoth Mountain Bike Park

This bike park has plenty of fun mountain biking options. There are over 50 mile of trails for mountain bikers to enjoy. While riding these trails there are plenty of wonderful views combined with plenty of exciting mountain biking opportunities.

Ojai Valley Trail

Just under 10 miles this bike trail is a great way to enjoy the city of Ojai. This path allows wonderful access to the city and bicyclists can stop to enjoy events or some dining in the city. This trial also travels into the beautiful Los Padres National Forest and even extends for an additional six miles on the Ventura River Trail to provide access to the beach.

South Bay Bicycle Trail

The city of Los Angeles is filled with destinations to explore. For those visitors that want to spend some time recreating in this busy city the South Bay Bicycle Trail is a great option. This trail travels along the beach, where bikers can enjoy stopping for some fun beach activities.

Tahoe Rim Trail

Mountain bikers can enjoy biking past the three lakes along this trail. There are many options for making this trip long or short, but there are plenty of places to explore. Along the way bikers can enjoy views of volcanic rock, meadows, wildflowers and much more.

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