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Foodie Road Trip Ideas Across the American South

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The American south is filled with wonderful destinations for food lovers. Each region has its own flavors and influences, making it a diverse and tasty region to enjoy a road trip. Here are a few ideas of fun, foodie cities in the south that can make a fantastic road trip destination.


Asheville, North Carolina

Asheville is a wonderful North Carolina destination. Foodies will find plenty to enjoy within this city. The specialty of the area is local and sustainably produced foods. Visitors to the region will learn that there are many local farmers near to this city. In addition there are local wineries to enjoy. The Antler Hill Village winery is a great destination. Visitors can enjoy winery tours, which are a wonderful way to enjoy the wines of the area.


Charleston, South Carolina

Charleston has a rich history, and it is a fantastic attraction. The city has a true charm for visitors to enjoy. Food enthusiasts will enjoy the southern style cuisine in the city. This style of cuisine is combined with great seafood. Visitors should be sure to try the she-crab soup, fried  green tomatoes, benne wafers and much more.


Savannah, Georgia

Savannah has earned numerous awards for being a great travel destination. Visitors can spend their nights enjoying a small local bed and breakfast and days exploring the cities history and the delightful cuisine. For those looking for a little more of the home cooked style cuisine at the small cuisine. Savannah has great barbecue, as well as some wonderful shrimp, grits, boiled peanuts and many other options.


New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans will open visitors eyes to the world of Cajun food and culture. Visitors to New Orleans should be sure to try the gumbo, jumbalaya, crawfish and more. In addition visitors can also enjoy the neighborhood cafes, which serve some wonderful Creole cuisine, including beignets and more.


Santa Fe, New Mexico

Santa Fe is a fantastic destination for enjoying southwestern cuisine and culture. The southwestern cuisine here offers plenty of fresh and local cuisine. One New Mexico treat not to miss are the chiles harvested in the fall. The region grows both red and green shills, and curing the fall there are lots of chile dishes to be enjoyed.


San Antonio, Texas

Beautiful San Antonio is a great city to come and relax while enjoying its long and fascinating history. San Antonio, home of The Alamo certainly is not lacking in interesting attractions. The River Walk is a wonderful place to enjoy eating at historic restaurants. San Antonio is a great destination for enjoy the Tex-Mex cuisine. In addition to the Tex-Mex options, there are also some great barbecue options.

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