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Top Picks | For a White Christmas

Top Picks for a White Christmas

For many people a white Christmas is one of the most important aspects of Christmas. There are some destinations that get no snow over the holiday, some destinations that may have snow, and others that most likely will have a fabulous white Christmas. Here are a few top picks for those seeking a white Christmas.


Aspen, CO

In Aspen, travelers will find a wonderful white Christmas recreation experience. It is a network of four mountains, with a variety of difficulty levels in the trails. Visitors will also find that Aspen is a wonderful destination to enjoy unique shopping and the beauty of Christmas decor. In Aspen visitors can spend time skiing, enjoying the comfort of the lodge, exploring the village and more.


Duluth. MN

The city of Duluth is one of the larger cities in Minnesota, and there are many arts, culture and entertainment attractions. It is also a good spot for visitors to find a wonderful white Christmas. The Tweed Museum of Art is located on the Duluth campus of the University of Minnesota, it has a permanent collection of art from a wide range of cultures and periods of art history. More recreational leaning visitors can join a white water rafting tour of the St. Louis River. Duluth also has a Waterfront Sculpture Walk, which combines lake views, shopping, and a delightful series of sculptures that express the culture and history of Duluth as well as its sister cities in Sweden, Ontario, Russia and Japan. The city is also home to the Lake Superior Zoo, which has hundreds of species of animals, and visitors can ride the zoo train and watch the daily zoo feedings..


Lake Placid, NY

This is a wonderful winter destination. Visitors will find lots of winter recreation. This is where the Winter Olympics were held in New York. Skiing enthusiasts can spend a white Christmas on the slopes of one of the best ski mountains in New York.


Montpelier, VT

The capital of Vermont is a wonderful New England destination to find a white Christmas. It is extremely likely that there will be at least a little snow on the ground for the holiday. In addition the city offers a fantastic town-like feeling rather than a big city feeling. Visitors to this city can enjoy the charming Christmas feel. There are even opportunities to enjoy a sleigh ride on Christmas Eve.


Mount Washington, NH

Mount Washington is the tallest mountain in the northeast part of the United States. This mountain is known for its extreme weather conditions, which can be dangerous. Those visitors that want to ascend the mountain can take the Mount Washington Auto Road or the Mount Washington Cog Railway, which are open seasonally depending on the weather conditions. Visitors can also hike Mount Washington, but should be prepared, especially when they are hiking during the winter.


Park City, UT

Park City Mountain Resort was an official venue for the 2002 Olympic Winter Games. It has great and varied terrain and is a very accessible mountain resort. Despite its famous past and associations, Park City is one of the more accessible winter destinations in the Salt Lake City area. It is comprised of three world-class ski resorts. Those traveling for Christmas are sure to enjoy watching world-class athletes train at Utah Olympic Park, exploring the Alf Engen Ski History Museum, experiencing the fine dinging and excellent nightlife.


Portland, ME

Located in Maine, in the northern part of the state’s, Portland is a fantastic white Christmas destination. There are also many destinations within Portland that make it a great destination. Victoria Mansion is one of these destinations. It is a stunning example of pre-Civil War era American architecture. Visitors will discover that this Italian style villa is a truly amazing example of American architecture and design. As visitors tour the mansion they can admire the amazing interiors, which remain in excellent condition.



Many cities in Alaska are pretty safe bets for finding a white Christmas. The Kenai Peninsula is one of Alaska’s beautiful vacation destinations. The peninsula is separated from the mainland by the Prince William Sound on the east and by Cook Inlet on the west. Visitors to the Kenai Peninsula can visit the Kenai Mountains in the Kenai Fjords National Park, where visitors can find glaciers, fjords and especially Harding Icefield. The Kenai River has an amazing salmon population. Alaska is also a good spot to learn about the Iditarod and try some dog sledding. Visitors to Juneau can explore the Alaska State Museum. The museum is the official repository of Alaska’s history. It collects and interprets the ethnographic and historical artifacts from the state. Visitors can participate in a guided tour or can explore the many galleries for themselves. There are exhibits that highlight the Aleut culture, the Eskimo culture, Alaska’s natural history, the early Russian Settlers and much more.The Seattle show is held over Elliot Bay and there are many fantastic spots to enjoy the view in this coastal city. Visitors to the city can also ride the ferry that travels between the city and Bainbridge Island to see the show with the city in the background. This is an especially exciting view, as the view includes the Space Needle and other regional fireworks displays.

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