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Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day @ One of America’s Top Irish Pubs


The United States is filled with pubs that provide a good Irish experience. Although not the same as the true Irish experience in Ireland, these pubs offer a viable replacement in the country. Here are a few wonderful options spread throughout the country.

Rosie McCaffrey’s Irish Pub & Restaurant, Phoenix, AZ
Phoenix is home to the delightful Rosie McCaffrey’s Irish Pub & Restaurant. Here at the pub visitors can enjoy delicious Irish cuisine. Of course no Irish experience would be complete without a selection of Irish whiskey.

The Irish Bank Bar & Restaurant, San Francisco, CA
If you’re looking for a fun Irish St. Patricks Day in San Francisco, then the Irish Bank Bar & Restaurant is the place to go. With a fun indoor space as well as a great outdoor space, this pub fills up. In addition to the great atmosphere you can enjoy the food and of course the beer.

Irish Snug, Denver, CO
For a great Irish St. Patrick’s Day experience in Colorado you can go to Irish Snug in Denver. This pub has a “snug,” which is a small room, that is private and has access to the bar. This little room is great for a fun Irish experience in Denver.

Kelly’s Irish Times, Washington, DC
At Kelly’s Irish Times, residents and visitors to Washington, DC will enjoy a fun filled Irish experience outside of Ireland. Visitors to the pub can enjoy a wide range of Irish beers. In addition, there is a wonderful experience to be had while enjoying the Irish fare on the specials.

McGuire’s Irish Pub, Pensacola, FL
One of Florida’s great Irish pubs, McGuire’s Irish Pub is a fantastic destination for St. Patricks Day. Visitors to this fantastic pub should be sure to enjoy as much of the Irish cuisine as possible.

The Kerry Irish Pub, New Orleans, LA
For a change to the wonderful cajun atmosphere of New Orleans’s French Quarter, the Kerry Irish Pub is a fantastic destination. This pub is a really great place to enjoy some live Irish music.

The Plough and Stars, Cambridge, MA
This is the oldest Irish pub in Boston, and it is a great experience. Visitors and residents of Boston will love the atmosphere of the small pub, and also enjoy the authentic refreshments.

Pour the Perfect Pint, New York, NY
If you are looking for a great Irish experience in New York. This bar is filled with fantastic Irish decor. Visitors and residents of New York can enjoy a great St. Patrick’s Day at this authentic feeling pub.

Kells Irish Pub, Portland, OR
For those looking for a fantastic experience in the Northwest, Kells Irish Pub in Portland is a fantastic destination. Visitors to this pub can enjoy a wide selection of Irish whiskey, as well as many beers on tap. In addition, Kells also has live Irish music throughout the week.

The Black Sheep Pub, Philadelphia, PA
The Black Sheep Pub has wonderful antique interior. Visitors will also enjoy a variety of beer and drinks from around the world. In addition, visitors can enjoy the wonderful Irish cuisine served at the pub.

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