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Experience the Pennsylvania Art Trails


Visitors to Pennsylvania will discover that it is filled with artists and locally made art. One way to enjoy all of the varied art is to take a trip on one of the Pennsylvania Art Trails.


Route 6 Artisan Trail

This transcontinental highway passes through Northern Pennsylvania. Route 6 offers travelers an opportunity to enjoy the artistry of Northern Pennsylvania. Visitors along this art trail will have the opportunity to enjoy the handcrafted art, such as jewelry, fine art and much more.

Byway of the Arts

The Byway of the Arts crosses the state on Route 15. Visitors can enjoy seeing the towns, the culture and even the art. This Byway shows visitors the Appalachian influences of the region and the beautiful scenery of the region.

Heart of the Alleghenies Artisan Trail

Within the peaks and valleys along Route 22 within the Alleghany Mountains. This Art Trail in Pennsylvania is filled with shops where visitors can purchase and enjoy the wide variety of art. The types of art inched, painting, photography, woodworking, pottery, glass and more.

Route 30 East

The Pennsylvania Art Experience on Route 30 is a wonderful way to see the art in Eastern Pennsylvania. One feature of this region is the quilting, and the years of Amish quilt history.

Pennsylvania Glass Trail

Route 222 offers visitors a wonderful opportunity to see some of the wonderful art glass created in Pennsylvania. Visitors can stop at a variety of art glass studios, including the Banana Factory and the independent studios and more.

Route 30 and Route 40

These two art trails offer art enthusiasts the opportunity to enjoy plenty of handmade artwork. While traveling through this beautiful part of Pennsylvania, visitors can enjoy the handmade works. There are many marketplaces, as well as destinations like Gettysburg National Military Park and more.

Art Thrives on 45

The Purple Heart Highway travels through central Pennsylvania. The Highway gets its name from those who have earned special distinction while serving gin the United States Army. Along this byway there are many types of artists, and shopping opportunities. There are traditional styles, as well as modern, one of the destinations includes Penns Creek Pottery, which blends traditional and modern.

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