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Top Hot Springs for a Relaxing Camping or RVing Trip

Hot Springs are a great option for a relaxing destination. At some hot springs visitors can soak in the warm mineral waters, relax in different pools and much more. Other hot springs are beautiful geologic features for visitors to observe and explore. Here are a few of the best hot springs in the country.


Mammoth Hot Springs, Yellowstone National Park

Mammoth Hot Springs are located within the Mammoth Area of Yellowstone National Park. These hot springs are amazing thermal areas. The area is composed of limestone, and visitors can enjoy seeing the quick changing formations. These hot springs are always changing because of the flow of the steaming hot waters. They are one of Yellowstone’s stunning natural features.


Travertine Hot Springs, Bridgeport, CA

These fantastic hot springs are located on California State Park land, within the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Visitors to these hot springs can enjoy the warm waters that flow into multiple pools. While enjoying the warm mineral waters, visitors enjoy the stunning views of the Sierra Nevada’s.


Orr Hot Springs, Ukiah, CA

Orr Hot Springs is located a few miles outside of Ukiah. Visitors can enjoy the resort facilities while also enjoying the warm waters of the hot springs. There are outdoor pools that are fed by natural hot springs. In addition, visitors can enjoy a variety of accommodations while at Orr Hot Springs.


Truth or Consequences, NM

The historic district of Truth or Consequences, New Mexico is filled with Hot Springs and spas. Visitors can choose from ten different hot springs and spas, to enjoy the relaxing pools and warm waters. The town is located on the banks of the Rio Grande and visitors can enjoy spectacular views while soaking in the mineral rich waters.


Hot Springs, AR

The city of Hot Springs was originally built to accommodate all of the visitors that came to the region’s hot springs, which have been used for medicinal and relaxation purposes for over 200 years. Today the northern end of Hot Springs is surrounded by Hot Springs National Park. One must-see stop is the Fordyce Bathhouse, now restored, which was during its time one of the most amazing bathhouses. Within the park visitors can stop for a traditional experience at the Buckstaff Baths, or try a more modern experience at the Quapaw Baths and Spa.


Conundrum Hot Springs, Aspen, CO

Visitors interested in Conundrum Hot Springs will have to hike to the fantastic destination. These hot springs have amazing warm water within the soaking pools, surrounded by beautiful Colorado wilderness. Visitors can enjoy views while soaking in the wonderful waters of Conundrum Hot Springs, and the reward of the hot springs is accompanied with the exhilarating hike to reach the destination.


Deep Creek Hot Springs, Hesperia, CA

These hot springs are fairly remote and require some hiking to reach the pools. Visitors hike to Deep Creek Hot Springs, which is located within the San Bernardino National Forest. The 100 degree water flows from the ground into several soaking pools, where visitors can enjoy the warm waters. The remote location of Deep Creek Hot Springs make it a great soaking destination as well as a great hiking adventure.


Carson Mineral Hot Springs Spa & Golf Resort, Carson, WA

The Carson Mineral Hot Springs Resort is a fantastic historic hot springs in Carson, Washington. Visitors can enjoy a variety of historic and modern facilities to enjoy the hot springs, and even enjoy excellent golfing. The original bathhouse of this historic hot springs is still in use. The mineral waters of these hot springs and the fantastic accommodations makes this a great hot springs option.


Pagosa Springs, CO

Visitors to Pagosa Springs will find the deepest natural hot springs in the entire world. The strong smell of the waters are produced by the high mineral content, which is believed to give the waters medicinal properties. There are a variety of hot springs and resorts within Pagosa Springs for visitors to enjoy. The Great Pagosa Hot Springs is located behind the Springs Resort. Visitors can view the actual hot springs, but the natural temperature of 145 degrees Fahrenheit makes to too hot to use. Other resorts where visitors can enjoy the mineral waters include the Overlook Mineral Springs Spa, the Spa @ Pagosa Springs and the Springs Resort.


Sol Duc Hot Springs, Olympic National Park, WA

Washington’s Sol Duc Hot Springs is a fantastic destination within the Olympic National Park. There are three soaking pools filled with the mineral waters of the hot springs, as well as a freshwater pool for visitors to enjoy. The temperatures of each pool differ, and they are drained and refill naturally each night. Visitors can also enjoy the wonderful lodging options of the national park.

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