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Top Tips | For Camping With Mom

Top Camping Activities to do with Mom


When you take your Mom on an amazing and relaxing Mother’s Day camping trip this year, it is important to have some ideas for activities. Your choice of activities will make this Mother’s Day one of the most memorable ever, so here are some ideas for things you can do with your Mom this year to thank her for all that she has done for you.

The first thing you need to know is what type of activities you Mom enjoys. Maybe she enjoys craft projects, or perhaps she loves wildlife watching, she could be the adventure seeking type. Every Mom is different, so you have to know your Mom when choosing activities.

Cook Breakfast
Start the day off by cooking a wonderful campfire brunch for Mom. If you have a camp stove with you, or you’re RVing you will have plenty of options for delicious breakfast options. Surprise her with french toast, all you need is a bread, eggs, milk, a skillet, a fork and a bowl to make a simple and delicious french toast breakfast. Bring along some fun decorations, like doilies to put on a plate, or a nice tablecloth. And don’t forget to give her a thoughtful card.  Or Mom might enjoy a drive into town for a traditional diner breakfast.

Then plan one or all of the following activities.

Go for a Hike or Bike Ride
If your Mom loves hiking surprise her with a local hiking guidebook and flag the page of the hike you’re going to take her on today. Be sure to know her limitations and make sure she has packed the appropriate gear. If your Mom is anything like my Mom she has to plan lots of our family activities, so she is sure to be delighted with a whole plan for the day set up for her. You can even pack a nice, but light picnic lunch to enjoy during your hike.

Watch Wildlife
Maybe your Mom loves wildlife watching. This Mother’s Day find a local hot spot for wildlife in the area where you take her camping. Make sure she has a good pair of binoculars and a good guidebook on local animals and birds, that way she can identify what she is seeing. If she already has a great pair of binoculars and plenty of animal books, you could surprise her with a nice zoom lens and camera, so she can take lots of fantastic pictures.

Camp Crafts
Craft enthusiast Mom’s will be delighted when you surprise her with a fun day of camp craft projects. You can bring along supplies for pressing flowers, or you can bring along painting supplies and she can create wonderful pieces of art. Leaf prints are a fun activity for children and Mom. If you’re at the beach you can collect shells and other beach treasures to make a mobile, or a picture frame or to create a stepping-stone to remember the trip by.

Practice Survival Skills
Perhaps your Mother loves extreme camping and enjoys practicing survival skills. This Mother’s Day you can treat her to a day of practicing your survival skills together. Maybe you can both try to learn to identify edible and poisonous plants in the area. Or you can learn how to start a fire using minimal supplies. Go fishing using traditional methods. Learn to identify different types of animal tracks.

There are all sorts of wonderful activities that you can enjoy with your Mom this Mother’s Day. Surprise her this year with a full day of activities planned out. Even if she is busy and enjoying the activities, she will have a relaxing trip.

Make sure you document your memories with photos so you can preserve the day forever for her.

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