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Travel Special | Hawaii and Tropical Mainland Alternatives


Hawaii, Florida and California are beautiful tropical destinations. They are amazing year-round destinations, but becomes more appealing during the long winters in less tropical regions. When you need a break from the rain, snow and other cold weather, a trip to a tropical destinations is a welcome break.

When planning a trip to a tropical destination it is a good idea to understand when the most popular seasons are during the year. Many people, especially those with families can visit during the long weekends over national holidays, as well as school breaks. Spring and winter break are especially popular times for vacationing in tropical areas.

As you decide and plan when you can take time off work and your children are available to take time away from school, be aware that the prices for travel are much higher. If you are able to travel to a tropical destination during the off-season you will save money.

Once you plan your time away from home you should be sure to fully research your travel options. Visitors to Hawaii must fly, so be sure to research all of the airfare options. If you decide to choose a mainland tropical region instead you can choose to drive or take other modes of transportation instead of air travel.

Visitors to Hawaii should also determine which islands they wish to visit. Each of the Hawaiian islands is unique and offers a very different experience. If you have time you could take a cruise, which will allow you to experience all of the islands while having a lovely relaxing vacation.

There are also plenty of options for accommodations when planning a vacation to Hawaii. You may want the ease and relaxation of a world-class resort. Perhaps you would prefer to stay at a vacation rental. Throughout Hawaii there are condos and houses that are available for rent, which allow you to have your own kitchen facilities, which can be less costly overall.

If you have booked your travel you may want to plan some of the activities you will enjoy during your stay in Hawaii. Perhaps you want to take a tour, take a surfing lesson, take a whale watching tour and more. Some activities need to be planned in advance, while others, including swimming, hiking, sun bathing and relaxing do not require any advance planning.

Before you leave for your tropical destination you will need to bring along some comfortable summer clothing. Also be prepared for the sunny weather, you should be sure to bring the items that you need for sun safety or remember to purchase them upon your arrival. Also, be sure to pack any specific items you will want for your adventures in Hawaii. Remember, though that your vacation should be fun and relaxing, and that you can purchase almost anything you would ever need on the islands of Hawaii.

Mainland Alternatives

Some people cannot afford the airfare and accommodations of Hawaii, but would still like to enjoy a tropical vacation. There are plenty of mainland tropical alternatives. On the east coast, Florida is an excellent tropical options. Florida is filled with warm, sunny weather, sandy beaches and fun activities. The Florida Keys are a great tropical island option for those that don’t want to travel all the way to Hawaii.

California and Mexico are excellent mainland warm weather destinations. Southern California and Mexico have wonderful warm weather and plenty of options for a wonderful warm vacation. California has warm, sunny beaches, cities to explore and destinations for recreation. Mexico, also has plenty of warm weather options. You can visit one of the excellent resort towns in Mexico, or instead stop explore the more rural areas of the country.

Throughout the United States there are wonderful warm, sunny vacation destinations. Each offers visitors a unique experience. Hawaii, Florida, California, Mexico and others all offer potential vacationers warm, pleasant vacation options.

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