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Rocky Mountain Majesty
The Continental Divide meanders from the north to the south of Colorado, following the crest of the magnificent Rocky Mountains' high ranges. Way up here where the tallest peaks reach beyond 14,000 feet above sea level, rivers are born. Waters that flow to the west of the Divide end up in the Pacific Ocean, and waters that flow eastward reach the Mississippi River and the Gulf of Mexico. You could say that Colorado is the "drinking fountain" of much of the nation!
Before the mighty Colorado River carves its way through Arizona's Grand Canyon and irrigates Southern California fields, it starts as a gentle trickle in spectacular Rocky Mountain National Park. Here elk and bighorn sheep roam freely through a pristine land of meadows, mountains, and forests. Within the park, sixty peaks taller than 12,000 feet above sea level form a dramatic backdrop for glacier-carved valleys and crystal-clear lakes. In the summer and fall you can camp, fish, and hike in the midst of aspens and ponderosa pines, and in winter and spring, cross-country ski trails lead to snowy wonderlands.
The Rocky Mountains are dotted with old mining towns from the days when prospectors searched the slopes for valuable ore during Colorado's own gold rush. Towns like Silverton and Creede have maintained that rugged character and late-1800's style, attracting tourists longing for a taste of Western hospitality mixed with Victorian charm. The mountains are home to gorgeous downhill ski resorts, making Colorado a popular destination for skiers of all levels.

Along the Western Slope you'll find deep gorges, dramatic canyons, and fertile land perfect for growing mouthwatering Colorado peaches. To the east, on the other side of the mountains, the mighty Rockies meet the Great Plains. Here you'll find Colorado's largest cities, including Colorado Springs, Boulder, and Denver, state capital and home of the Broncos which gave us football Hall of Famer John Elway. Locals and visitors alike feel on top of the world in "Colorful Colorado," the land of purple-mountain majesty.