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The next time you are looking for a great outdoor sport for every generation in your family, grab a couple clubs and head out to your local golf course. Golfing is a sport that has something to offer everyone. For those interested in a challenge, golf can be a sport that requires concentration, precision and skill. For those looking for a little bit of fun outside, golf can be a nice day outdoors with a bit of friendly sport.

The Game
Golf is a relatively simple game in concept, but in practice it is much more difficult. The game is played on a large grassy course; the course is normally composed of either nine or eighteen holes. Each hole has a teeing area, where you start by hitting the ball, and a hole at the end. The object is to reach the hole from the tee in as few shots as possible.

Each hole has a difficulty rating; this is determined by the distance between the teeing area and the hole. The longer the distance, the more shots you can take on that hole.  The score is determined by the difficulty rating for each hole. If you make the number of shots that the hole is rated at, you have made even par (this is called a birdie).  You can also have scores above or below par. A score that is below par is ideal.  This may seem odd since a score below par is a negative score which seems bad in most games, but in golf you want to have a low score not a high score.

Every course and every hole is unique. Courses generally have a wide array of holes; some are short distances and some are long. Holes can have a wide variety of obstacles — you will come across sand traps and water holes. Your ball may end up in the rough, the long grass, when you want it to land on the fairway, the groomed area of the course.

The game of golf is not as simple as hitting the ball into the hole. If you have never played golf before you can take a lesson at your local golf course to learn all the rules, which clubs are used in which situation and how to properly use each of these clubs. If you really want to learn how to golf or just want to improve your game, you can try going to golf school.

Different types of shots require different types of clubs in golf. These clubs are designed in different shapes and sizes that have been found to optimize the distance and effectiveness of each type of shot.

The basic types of clubs are drivers, irons, and putters. Each type of club serves a specific purpose. A sand wedge is used when you get your ball into a sand trap. A driver is used to make long distance shots. A putter is used for short distance shots.

To play golf, you’ll need golf balls and clubs. There are many different brands of golf equipment and there is a significant range in the quality of golf equipment. Professional golfers have their equipment custom made. For most people, custom made golf equipment is not reasonable; however, it is possible to purchase a good set of clubs at a reasonable rates with some research.

First time or once-in-awhile golfers can rent clubs at the course. This makes golfing much less expensive, if you don’t plan on playing often. However, if you do love to play golf, purchasing your own set of clubs is a good idea.

Golf courses can be found in almost every town. If you love to play golf, you can play almost anywhere — on vacation or even on a vacation specifically planned for golfing. There are easy courses and difficult courses. Some courses are public and some are private (these require membership to play).

Professional golf tournaments are played on world-class golf courses.  If you want to play on the same courses that the pros play on, you can check out these courses.  Each course in the world has something unique to offer, even beyond the challenge of playing a new course.

Some courses require that you walk the course while you play. This type of course is great if you are looking to really enjoy the entire course throughout your game. Other courses allow you to use a golf cart. These courses are great if you are looking for a quicker game or if you aren’t up for walking long distances.

Golf is a sport that has something to offer everyone, from the casual player to the precision player. You can take your kids or your parents to a day of golfing. If you want, you can even plan a trip around playing golf at world-class courses.

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