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RV Life | New Years Traditions


Celebrating New Years on the Road | Old and New Traditions

When you are RVing you may be away from your usual friends and family that you would celebrate the New Year with, but you will find plenty of fun activities and events wherever you are.

You may be away from the usual activities that you enjoy on New Years Eve but if you are looking for a New Years celebration while you are out RVing your sure to find either the fun and familiar or something new and different.  The choice is really up to you.  This year try finding a celebration with the people staying at the same RV park or resort as you. You can take the opportunity to meet new friends while bringing in the New Year.

You can also bring in the New Year by planning and doing an activity that you especially enjoy. Maybe there is a great hiking trail or mountain where you are visiting, you can take the time to plan a nice day trip. If you’ve been wanting to do some backcountry camping or try a new activity, the New Year is a great time to try out new things. Maybe you could try doing a Polar Bear Swim on New Years day.

After you have celebrated the New Year, its time to make your resolutions for the year. If you love RVing you could make a few RV related resolutions. Maybe you would like to pack a little lighter or bike a little more. New Years is a great time to resolve to do all of the things that you have been wanting to do.

Perhaps you would like to spend more time RVing, resolve this year to spend more time exploring the places you are interested in visiting in your RV. Maybe you can resolve to spend a little more time in each place you visit. This will give you a chance to be a bit more relaxed about your trip.

Maybe you want to spend more time doing new recreational activities. There are many places where you can rent equipment if you don’t own it. If you find that you love a new activity you can get your own equipment. You already know that RVing is a great way to explore the country, this year resolve to take advantage of that opportunity more thoroughly.

You can also make resolutions about how you RV. Maybe you want to be a little more conservative with your use of resources to save money. You can try to pack a little lighter, and spend more time at each place you visit. Resolve to purchase local produce and food items where you’re at, which gives you the opportunity to eat healthy and try new products.

The New Year is a great time of year to try new things. You can meet new people, try new activities and much more. RVing is a great way to enjoy all that the country has to offer, from exploring towns, to eating local cuisine and exploring the environment and outdoor recreation of the area.

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