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Sailing is one of the most fun and exhilarating ways to enjoy the world’s great bodies of water. You can sail wherever you find enough water to navigate a boat and a little wind. The truly adventurous can sail around the world. Those with less spare time who are only looking for a fun way to recreate can enjoy sailing near the shore on the closest body of water.

Sailboats come in all sizes.  Some can only fit one person and others are so large they have multiple sails and masts. Learning to sail will allow you to enjoy the water year-round, since you can still sail when the water becomes too cold to swim or water-ski. The art of sailing will open your eyes to a whole new world of water sports, and those that love sailing spend as much time on the water as they possibly can.

When you sail, your boat is powered by the wind caught by the sail. You control the boat by using the rigging, rudder and sometimes other more complicated maneuvers. Through the management of the sails, a sailor can control the force of the wind in the sails, which can alter the direction and speed of the boat.

Sailing is a rather complex art. The best way to learn the complexities of sailing is by taking a few classes. Before you begin, you will need to become familiar with the parts of the sailboat. You must be able to swim well and you need to know first aid, so you are prepared if there is an emergency. Then you need to learn the basics of sailing, such as judging the wind, understanding the conditions of the water, and knowing how to handle the boat (turning, sailing at different angles to the wind, stopping and returning to shore).

A good sailing course will teach you about all of the parts of the boat, from aft to the working sheet, including what each component is and what it does. The basics of sailing seem tricky on paper, but once you get started taking classes from an instructor or another experienced sailor, you will catch on fairly quickly.

The sport of sailing has a long, rich history. When you decide to take up sailing, you will understand why so many people love to spend time on their boats. Each sailboat is a wonderfully designed machine that uses the natural power of the wind. When you learn to sail, you will learn to harness the wind to move from one destination to another. Competitive types can participate in all sorts of sailing competitions. If you are really adventurous, you can get the best boat money can buy and spend your foreseeable future sailing around the world.

Sailing is an amazing way to stretch your boundaries. You will find new ways to enjoy your favorite water sports from the deck of a boat. Next time you want to try a new sport, sign up for some sailing lessons.  You may just find yourself sailing in national competitions throughout the beautiful waters of the United States.

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