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Tennis, A Great Couples Sports

Tennis, A Great Couples Sports

With the approach of Valentine’s Day, many of us are wondering how we can find a new way to enjoy a romantic afternoon with our special someone. There are many couples sports that anyone can enjoy — with a little bit of preparation and courage. You will find that spending an invigorating day  sporting with your Valentine will be the perfect opener to a romantic evening.

If you and your special someone enjoy friendly competition, tennis is a great option. You don’t have to be an expert to enjoy a good tennis game. If you and your Valentine prefer to compete against others, you can play doubles tennis. In doubles you can team up with your special someone and compete against another couple. You and your partner will each need a racquet and a few tennis balls.

As you start your preparations for your Valentine’s Day tennis match, you will find that there are tennis courts everywhere, many of which do not require any reservations or payment. If you live in an area with parks, see if one has tennis courts. Otherwise, look for a club or gym that has tennis courts. Many clubs and gyms require day passes or reservations in advance for use of the tennis courts, but you will also find the equipment you will need at these locations.

Tennis seems complicated when you are watching it or if you’ve never played before. When you are starting out, you really don’t need to know all of the rules of competition used in a true tennis match. To start you only need to know that in a singles game of tennis, the inside lines that run the length of the court on either side designate the boundaries of court. The outer lines designate the boundaries in doubles tennis. The game starts with one player serving and one player receiving. The server must stand on one end of the court and serve diagonally. The ball must not touch the net as it passes over and must land on the opposite side of the court in the services box. Service boxes.  Once the ball has gone over the net and landed in the service box they must hit it back over the net before it bounces again.

When the ball is being passed back and forth between players it is called a rally. Whoever is first to not make a legal return loses the point. For example if the ball bounces twice before it is returned, then the person who hit the ball after the second bounce loses the point. In an informal game, scoring is not as important. However, if you and your Valentine really like competing you can sign up for lessons to really learn the rules and technique of a game of tennis. Also, taking lessons to learn a sport you can play together is a great way to spread the fun of Valentine’s Day throughout the year.

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