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Thanksgiving Pick-up Football

Thanksgiving Pick-up Football

This Thanksgiving, it may be time to incorporate a little football into your family traditions.  Maybe the grandkids are old enough to play, or you’d just like to be a little more active after the big turkey dinner.  No matter how you spend your holiday, a good game of pick-up football might just be what you need to spice up your Thanksgiving.

Most people already know the basic rules of football and touch football. There are a few choices you can make about how seriously or how informally you want to play.  Team sizes will depend on the number of people you have in your group. It’s possible to play with as few as two people per team, but you can include many more if you have the numbers. If you have children or more fragile players, you can play one-hand touch football.  If you are looking for a more serious game, try two-hand touch.

When working out your pick up football plans, you will also want to figure out a scoring plan or decide how long you want to play. If you’ve got a group of friends together, you may want to play a longer, more serious game. A family group, made up of people of varying ages and physical abilities, may prefer to limit the game to a shorter period of time, or end the game when one team has scored five or ten points.

Even if you have people who aren’t able to play or aren’t interested in playing, you can still include these people in the fun of the game. If you have enough room on your field, you can set up chairs for the spectators.  Spectators can also cheer for the players, making it more fun than everyone.

You can still enjoy the game in bad weather. Although the players may be tired, dirty and wet afterward, everyone will have had lots of fun. After the game you can mix up some warming mugs of hot chocolate for the entire group.

On Thanksgiving, a game of football is a great way to break up the day.  Play after the big meal to work off some of the laziness, and then enjoy your pumpkin pie after. You get the benefits of a little exercise and a whole afternoon of fun.  A good game of touch football is about the entire experience, the friendly competition, the exercise, and the company.

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