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Tips for a Last Minute RV Camping Trip

Last Days of Summer Camping Tips

As the days of summer vacation wind down its the perfect time to take one last family summer camping trip. Here are some ideas and tips to help you make the most of this camping trip.

Plan The Trip
The very best way to make sure you have an excellent final camping trip of the summer is to plan in advance.  The final days of summer before school starts are a popular time to take camping trips and vacations, so find a campground with available campsites before you head out.  Check for available campgrounds.

Choose the Type of Camping
You will need to determine what type of trip you would like to take, so you can find the best spot to enjoy your summer camping trip. Perhaps your family loves to mountain bike, maybe you would prefer to go to a local lake, or maybe your family likes to take backcountry backpacking trips. Whatever your families passion is, it requires a bit of preparation to determine the best locations for your camping trip.

Last Minute Tips
If you cannot plan in advance and just want to get away for the final weekend before school starts, think about looking at local campgrounds. Start by choosing a nearby destinations, everyone knows of a local lake or other spot that can be a fun getaway close to home. At Camping.com you can search for campgrounds by state or even by distance from a nearby landmark or address. In addition, you can also reserve certain campsites online, making it much simpler to ensure that you have a spot.

By staying close to home you have the ability to enjoy a nice relaxing getaway, without having to worry about the extra planning that is required for a longer trip. You don’t have to plan to take days off work, and can spend relatively more time at the destination rather than traveling to the destination.

Be Prepared
Once you have reserved your campsite you will need to make sure you have all of the necessary supplies. Check all of your camping gear, especially if you have not used it all year. Make sure that your tent, sleeping bags, cooking supplies and other camping gear are in working order. You will also want to make sure to pack enough food for the duration of the trip. It’s always more fun to stay at the campsite, rather than seeking out a grocery store because you didn’t pack enough dinner supplies.

Camping Food
Make the most of the last days of summer by packing supplies for your families favorite campsite meals. Maybe your family loves tacos, or hamburgers and hotdogs, S’Mores. Be sure to bring all of the supplies to make your favorite meals.  Recipe ideas.

Try Something New
You can also make the most of your last days of summer by researching some of the fun activities near your camping destination. If you visit a lake, maybe you can go kayaking or canoeing, many lakes offer rentals for gear. You can find trails that are appropriate for your families combined level of experience. Knowing these options in advance will allow you to take the time to enjoy the activities rather then spend precious time planning the activities.

Be sure to pack all of the supplies you will need, including sunscreen, first aid supplies, bug spray and all of your personal camping gear, clothing and any recreational gear that is appropriate. You don’t want to have a problem because you forgot an essential item during your last summer camping trip.

Final Words of Wisdom
The very best way to make sure you can enjoy all the time you have during your last camping trip is to come prepared with knowledge of the area, a reserved campsite, any necessary gear and a good attitude. With a little bit of planning you can have a fantastic camping experience at a site near your own home. You will be surprised by how many new things you discover near your own home, and you don’t have to worry as much about travel times, leaving you the ability to sit back, relax and enjoy your last days of summer.

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