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Camp Kids

Camping with kids can be very rewarding. Find ideas about teaching children to love and respect the outdoors and camping. Find ways to keep the kids busy on the way to cam, plus games and other fun ideas to keep kids stimulated and engaged while at camp. Keep kids safe outdoors and teach them wilderness skills.
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Kids Camping | Coney Island and the Mermaid Parade

Coney Island and the Mermaid Parade

Coney Island is a classic New York summer amusement destination. It has a little bit of everything, history, rides, classic food, and more. Coney Island is an excellent family vacation destination too. Children will  love the rides and different amusements, and adults will too.

Visitors come to Coney Island during the summer season. The rides are open from around Easter through Halloween. Hours are limited up until Memorial Day and after Labor Day. During the high season, the rides and amusements are open through the week and late into the evenings on the weekend.

Coney Island has a long history. Once an actual island, it is now connected to the mainland with fill. The Island became a popular destination because of the easy access to from New York, the beautiful beaches and more. First resorts were built on the beach, then a wide variety of amusements  soon followed. As time passed rides and amusements have come and gone, the property was developed, but Coney Island has remained a landmark summer destination.

Today when visitors come to Coney Island they will find all sorts of different attractions. There are some excellent rides on Coney Islands. Visitors should be sure to ride the classic roller coasters that are still open to the public, including The Cyclone, Wonder Wheel and more.

Beyond the rides, Coney Island also has one of the few remaining Circus Sideshows. The Coney Island Circus Sideshow has a variety of performers, and plenty of guest performers as well. Located on Surf Avenue, the Circus Sideshow also has a great gift shop, so visitors can take home the memories of the attraction.

Coney Island has more attractions, including the Coney Island Museum. At this museum, visitors to Coney Isladn have the opportunity to learn all about the fascinating history of the island. The museum is one-of-a-kind, and does and excellent job of interpreting the history of Coney Island as well as interpreting the history.

Be sure to grab a Hot Dog at Nathan's, which is the original hot dog stand, where the first hot dogs were made. Also on Coney Island is the home of the New York Aquarium. What vacation destination would be complete without at least one great annual event.

Coney Island's annual event is the Mermaid Parade. This is a fantastic summer art festival. Held each year in June, along Surf Avenue, the Mermaid Parade also has an accompanying Ball. Participants in the parade wear homemade costumes celebrating the seaside. Visitors get to watch the amazing artistry demonstrated in the parade, and are encouraged to get as creative as possible too.

After the parade, the Mermaid Parade Ball. The Ball is the after party for the parade and participants and visitors gather to enjoy the artistry in the Mermaid and Mermen costumes long after the parade. The Ball has all sorts of fun entertainment, including live museum, sea lion shows, slideshow acts and more.

Coney Island is a must see destination for any family. This destination has it all, rides, history, the original hot dog stand, circus sideshow and more. Visitors will love watching or participating in the exciting in the amazing mermaid and merman costumes from the Parade to the Ball.

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