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You can never be too prepared for your camping trip. Look through and use our checklists to ensure that you have a safe and happy camping vacation! You never know what you might forget - that tool that you needed, or the proper gear to go on the most beautiful hike of your life - be prepared by planning ahead!

Gear Guide | Beach Camping Gear List

Gear List for Beach Camping

Beach camping is a fantastic way to really enjoy the recreation that the beach has to offer. It offers campers a completely different camping experience. In addition to some of the usual camping items campers will need to be prepared with a few specific items for their beach camping experience. Here is a basic beach camping gear guide to get you started packing for your beach camping trip.

  1. Tent and all accompanying equipment
  2. Tarp to place under the tent to protect from water
  3. Rain fly or tarp to cover the tent in the event of rain or spray from the beach
  4. Tent Anchors to secure the tent in case of wind, small bags filled with sand and buried work well
  5. Rope, works well as a clothesline and serves many other purposes
  6. Sleeping Bags
  7. Sleeping Mat or Mattress
  8. Blankets and Pillows
  9. Camp Chairs
  10. Small Broom, this will make it much simpler to remove any sand that got into your tent during the day

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