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Inspire your inner camp chef with recipes for camping trips.  It doesn’t matter if it’s shared around a campfire, cooked in your RV's gourmet kitchen, or take-out from the local deli, food just tastes better on a camping vacation!
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Food and Wine | Virginia Wine Trail

Road Trip | Virginia Wine Trails 


Wine enthusiasts are sure to love a trip to Virginia. The state is filled with over 200 wineries and 16 wine trails, which allow visitors to enjoy the region's wine and scenery all at once. These trails are located throughout the state, and visitors can enjoy a wine road trip wherever they may decide to go in Virginia. Here are a few of the fantastic wine trails found throughout the state.

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Camping Recipes | Ultimate Pig Roast

Have a Summer Pig Roast

If you are looking to put on the biggest event of the summer, try out a pig roast. You will have lots of fun prepping for the big event and your guests are sure to love all of the excitement of revealing the delicious pig. Later you will all have fun noshing on the delicious pork, and accompanying side dishes and drinks.
neon pig
When you decide to plan a pig roast you will learn that the pig roast is just as much about process and tradition as it is about cooking delicious and succulent pork. As you begin preparations you will learn that the entire process of planning and executing a successful pig roast takes a lot of research, persistence, planning, and is not for those that aren't completely committed. That said, pig roasts are also a lot of fun, you and those you plan it with will love coming together to create an unforgettable event for your friends and family.

Your first step in setting up a pig roast is to do some research on the different processes for roasting whole pigs that are out there, and if you can talk to someone you know who has actually had a pig roast. Some people rent the large barbecue's necessary for roasting a whole pig. Others choose to instead try the pit method of roasting. Depending on your resources, and situation either of these options may or may not work for you.

If you want to use the barbecue method, you can get all of the materials necessary to build your own pig roaster. You will need to collect grills, oil drums make great pig roasters. However, making your own pig roaster is a big enterprise and takes a lot of work. You also need to have access to certain tools to create your own pig roaster.

You also have the option of renting a roaster. Sometimes you can rent a roaster and do all of the roosting process yourself. However, if you are uncomfortable with taking on all of the work of a pig roast alone, you can hire people to assist with the pig roasting process along with the roaster itself.

If you instead choose to pit roast your pig, you will need banana leaves, burlap, coals, rocks among other things. You will also need to determine how large of a pit you will need to dig. This process can be pretty complicated and fussy. You have to have a large enough hole, you need to properly wrap the pig in banana leaves, and properly wet down the burlap, so that the pork doesn't over or under-cook, while also perfectly roasting the entire pig.

Other things to consider about the process of roasting are your location. The types of burning laws that apply in your place of residence are also important to consider, since some places don't allow open pit fires. You should also consider whether you want to dig a giant pit in your yard to roast a pig.

Once you have decided on the method, you need to collect the materials. Most importantly you need to purchase a whole pig. The pig should probably weigh over 80 pounds but not more than 120 pounds. You will need to find a butcher that sells a whole pig, however, most communities have a nearby location where you can get the supplies you need. You may want to use a rub on your pig, so you need to find a mixture of spices to suit your tastes.

The next to final step in the pig roasting process is planning the party that will go along with the serving of the pig. You will need to plan what to serve with the pork, from sides to drinks.  Also, you need to figure out who to invite, and at a pig roast, the more the merrier.

Finally, you need to prep for the main event. Do the roasting, set up the party. Then to complete the entire event, unveil the delicious, succulent, perfectly roasted pig. Pig roasts are great events for summer parties, graduation events, birthdays, and other milestone celebrations, or just a regular party.

Camping Recipes | Simple Fall Classics


Favorite Pumpkin Recipes For Fall

Fall is a great time to enjoy learning to cook some simple recipes with your friends and family. When the weather starts to change and you can't be enjoying the outdoors as much as you were, you can find plenty of fun indoor activities to enjoy instead. Try suggesting that you help with one of these simple recipes for your next family dinner.

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