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Top Ideas for a Money Free Weekend


Perhaps you have been living on a tight budget, or you are traveling on a budget. Maybe you want to go out and enjoy the activities in your area, but feel constrained by your budget. One fantastic way to save some money is to try a Money Free Weekend. A Money Free Weekend is a two days on the weekend when you literally don't spend any money. This includes grocery shopping, and extra entertainment expenses. So make sure that you get your groceries ahead of time and try some of the many fantastic options for money free activities.

Try Something New

Learn that new hobby you have been wanting to try. You may already have the supplies you need, or maybe you don't need any supplies. There are many options for learning new activities through free online guides and videos. If you want to try some handcrafts there are great options for learning through online videos. Maybe you want to learn about gardening or woodworking. Each of these activities and many many more have excellent online resources for beginners.

Visit a Library

You can even take a trip to the library to find books on your new hobby. The library is a great free resource within your community. If you are looking for some new entertainment during your money free weekend you can take a trip to the library to look at their collection of videos and music. You can also spend your weekend catching up on the reading you have been wanting to do. Maybe your read about a great book in the newspaper or you got a recommendation, your money free weekend is the perfect time to so some reading.

Hike Your Neighborhood

Get out and explore your area on foot. There is no better way to get to know a place than on foot, and walking is completely free and is amazingly healthy. Start by taking a trip around your own neighborhood. Then branch out to your local parks and nature trails. If you already have a full tank of gas you can also drive to some wonderful places nearby. Most people live within an easy distance of a state, national or other type of park as well as some great trailheads. Within our busy lives it can be difficult to get out for a walk, so a money free weekend is the perfect time.

Shop Your Pantry

Check out some of the fantastic free online resources for recipes based on what you already have at home. Not only is learning a new recipe a lot of fun, but you will also end up with a delicious meal. You can find apps for your smartphone, or use online resources to input some ingredients you have in your pantry and the app will come up with recipe ideas.

Organize and Catch-up on Chores

One great idea, which often doesn't sound like fun, but is sure to make you feel great is to take some time to catch up on all of these household chores you keep putting off. Maybe you want to clean a room, or try rearranging your furniture. Maybe your home office has become disorganized in the hustle and bustle of daily life. Each of us has some simple household activity that we have been awaiting to accomplish, but have not found the time to do. A money free weekend is the perfect time to accomplish some of these tasks.

Save Money for Your next Camping Trip

These are just a few of the ideas that you can try during a money free weekend. No longer will you have to cringe at the thought of a tightly budgeted weekend. There are many creative ways you can spend your weekend time without spending even a cent. Come up with your own ideas and try some of those activities that you have been wanting to do that don't cost anything.

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