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Sea Island, Georgia is an amazing luxury resort destination. The Island is connected to St. Simon Island by a causeway. Sea Island is also part of of Georgia's beautiful Golden Isles. While visiting this spectacular resort destination, visitors can enjoy all sorts of recreation and nature, all while staying in the lap of luxury.
Visitors to Sea Island have the option to stay at two wonderful resort destination. The Cloister on Sea Island is a fantastic Five Star resort.  At this resort visitors can enjoy all of the luxuries of a world-class resort. The rooms are luxurious and visitors can enjoy the Cloister Spa, and many more amenities. Another wonderful Sea Island resort option is The Lodge, which is a wonderful spot for golf enthusiasts to enjoy the three golf courses on the island. Sea Island also has rental cottages, which offer visitors access to all of the excitement of Sea Island, while also enjoying the amenities of the resort.

Sea Island, Georgia is not only a great spot for enjoying the amenities of a world-class resort, but it is also a wonderful destination to enjoy the outdoors and nature of Georgia's Golden Isles. This destination is particularly good for water recreation. At the resorts on Sea Island visitors have the benefit of enjoy multiple swimming pools. Located on the Atlantic Ocean, the Sea Island Beach Club provides access to five miles of wonderful beach. During the summer there are many programs offered for visitors to enjoy all types of water recreation, including sailing school, as well as ocean kayaking lessons, scuba diving classes and much more. Visitors to Sea Island can also enjoy the amenities of the Sea Island Yacht Club, which provides visitors with the opportunity to enjoy many types of ocean and waterway tours, and fishing tours.

During a stay at Sea Island visitors can enjoy the beautiful and unique nature of Sea Island. While enjoying the natural habitat on the island visitors can also enjoy a wide variety of recreational activities. Sea Island is a barrier island on the coast of Georgia, bordering the Atlantic Ocean. Visitors to the island can learn that the barrier island has a fascinating ecosystem of salt marshes, as well as tidal grasslands and more. Within these unique habitats and ecosystems visitors can observe many different species of plants and animals. The Sea Island resorts offer visitors many ways to enjoy all of the natural habitat of the island. There are boat tours of the salt marsh, as well as opportunities to go kayaking in the marshes. Visitors can also explore the island by bike. One of the best features of the resort are the nature programs held throughout the year. At certain times during the summer visitors can take a guided Sea Turtle Walk, or learn about Ocean Seining and the habitat of the ocean and beach.

Sea Island also offers visitors opportunities to enjoy horseback riding. Visitors will find a variety of options for horseback riding, for guests of all ages. There are classes for the youngest guests, private lessons and more. During these classes visitors can learn all about how to care for the horse as well as learn how to red the horse. Visitors that take these classes can enjoy horseback rides along the beach, or enjoy the sport while riding on wooded trails.

Golf is a big attraction on Sea Island. Visitors to the island will find 3 18-hole courses. These courses have hosted some of golf's biggest events and visitors to Sea Island have the opportunity to play on these amazing courses. Each course is designed to offer golfers a different experience. The Retreat Course, which was designed to be challenging, offering golfers a difficult and fun experience.  The Seaside Course is a stunning golfing destination, which is located at the southern end of St. Simons Island. Visitors playing on this course will learn that is the host of the McGladrey Classic. The Plantation Course is the third of the course on Sea Island. Visitors to this course will see the amazing design of the course and enjoy the challenges presented by the combination of a carefully designed course and the unique features of the barrier island.

Those visitors with less golf experience, or those wishing to improve their skills can take advantage of the Learning Center. The Learning Center employs top golf instructors and plenty of different methods for teaching the game and improvising skills.

Visitors to Sea Island have the opportunity to enjoy the ultimate resort vacation. This Georgia barrier island is filled with interesting habitats, and opportunities for recreation. In addition, Sea Island is home to some amazing resorts, which offer luxurious amenities, as well as many opportunities to enjoy all the recreation that the island has to offer, through guided tours, lessons, equipment rentals and much much more.
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