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Throw a Kentucky Derby Party


Kentucky Derby Party Ideas


Always run on the first Saturday in May, the Kentucky Derby is known as the "greatest 2 minutes in sports".  As a native of "Luhval" it is breed into us to throw a fabulous Derby Bash - no matter where in the world we are.  Derby parties are fun and a great way to get to know friends and neighboring campers a little better.

Here are a few ideas to get you started planning a fantastic party.

Start Time

Start the party a couple hours before post time.  Television coverage usually begins at 5 PM (check local listings).  So a 4:30 or 5 start would give everyone plenty of time to grab a Mint Julip and pick there favorite horses.

Part of the fun of Derby Day is the fashion.  Get into the spirit of Millionaires Row and have ladies dress with the wildest spring hats they can dream up - we always do a prize for the best hat.  Encourage the guys to dress in seersucker, madras or the craziest strips they can find.  

Pick your Horses
Print copies of the field early Saturday - since there are typically late minute changes.  A fun way to get everyone involved is to write the names of the horses on slips of paper (if you have more guests than horses running make multiple sets of the field), have everyone place a $1 in a kitty, then they draw the name of a horse to cheer on during the race.  The holder of the slip of paper with the winning horse wins the kitty.  If there are several winners just split the pot.

Print Copies of My Old Kentucky Home, so everyone can sing along, as the horses are loaded into the gates.


By Stephen Foster

The sun shines bright in the old Kentucky home,
Tis summer, the people are gay;
The corn-top's ripe and the meadow's in the bloom
While the birds make music all the day.

The young folks roll on the little cabin floor
All merry, all happy and bright;
By'n by hard times comes a knocking at the door
Then my old Kentucky home, Good-night!

Weep no more my lady. Oh! Weep no more today!
We will sing one song for my old Kentucky home
For the old Kentucky home, far away.

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